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Most Comfortable Walking Shoes
Whats your partners favorite Perfume or Cologne?
I love my girlfriend
John Luuu, Teen Femulator
Crossdressing Basics Tips
Crossdressing vs Transitioning Full time
Crossdresser and transgender New World
8 Stunning Transgender Bikini Models
4 best shapewear Reviews
4 best shapewear Reviews
4 best shapewear Reviews
4 best shapewear Reviews
4 best shapewear Reviews
For males mostly: do you flash your boobs/bra "accident
bra sizes
Anyone have good results on finasteride?
Getting awfully quite in here Wishful
Extra Oily Skin during Bovine Ovary
Anyone tried IsoSensuals ENHANCE (topical)?
Anyone have results from spironolactone?
This is weird
Member ratings
Stephanie's journey into estrogenland
Found a very reasonably priced BO product
Best body acne treatments?
Ok, I give. Can you help me find ....
Has anyone here gone through a mammogram?
California Transgender-student law: kids can choose bathroom
All back from holiday ?
I hope that everyone is doing well in their NBE
Has anyone tried Vitex for NBE? Also DIM?
Weight Loss Shakes
Natureday weight loss
PM, Calcium, and K2 all work together. No caffeine.
What happened?
To our Aussie friends
2 Intresting Articles
Clothes fit
New Years Resolutions
Happy New Year to everyone!
Two Things re: Private Messages and New Posts
Which washroom is the right one?
Bigger butt.
Happy Birthday Andy
Kerala and Ayurveda
Catch 22 dilemma - help
Need shaving info for women
Do you swap AFFILIATES ? .
Andy 2.0
Trip to Munnar
No traffic
I Wonder.....
One month left!!!
Size of Australia vs USA
Jumped out of my skin!
sub blog for Joni
think about it
Australia caught in Transgender epidemic
Curves Anyone?
Something I came across.
Article I found interesting.
Australian X - Factor embraces transgendered community
Bubbles anyone?
beyond homeopathics
OK thatís it ! Iíve had it ! New topic needed
Just when you thought you had all the answers
I'm sorry
Just a thought
Something to think about
Can You Tell The Difference Between a Thai Lady & Ladybo
Woman are from venus, Men are from Mars ?
Car buffs take notice
Beginners, your health is important
Exercise expert needed
Side Effects
Just for kicks and grins
stupid computer
I must be changing
Question for anyone with nursing/medical knowledge please...
New hope for women
thank you
Merry christmas and a comment
Seasons greetings
A definate need to read article.
Trouble accessing
Breast talk Book Group
ok, that does it!
question about P.M.
Breast Reduction
The Victorians did it first....
Any one ever have these feelings or cravings
Has any guy noticed this when shopping for a bra
He is the Bride
Interesting news report.
What a day?
I'm Back
How would you feel if your boyfriend wanted boob's?
Thought "she" had gone, but here we go again!
I cannot quit smoking, not sure what to do?
Who's watching BIG BROTHER
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