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What can I say about this AMAZING company...they already have TONS of happy and satisfied customers over at their forums, so if you want more proof, head over that way! However, here's my experience...

First off, Lucy is SO QUICK with shipping. They are UK based, and I'm on the west coast of the US, and I have received two separate orders in one week FLAT, no problems. The packaging is very discreet with no indication of what is inside. The prices for what you are receiving are FANTASTIC...I think I paid about $60USD for a large dome set (everything you need...tubing, domes, pump, t-piece) and $30USD for my XL domes, including shipping. The system is very sturdy, I've used it daily for over 7 months now and still have had no problems. Lucy is VERY fast at answering her emails, and from what I understand, she is fantastic with customer service. I haven't had any order problems, so I don't know personally, but I hear she is very quick to replace faulty or broken items. The community over there is very helpful, and they really helped me figure out how to use the system and how to get the best results. Last but not least, IT WORKS. I started at a mid-sized 34B and now am at a 34C. With swelling right after I take off the domes, I'm a small 34D. I have missed some sessions for days due to the holidays and I still have retained my non-swelling C size. I love this system and company!!!!!!

I totally agree with spaz on this one, i used the noogleberry for 2 years and went through 3 lots of domes due to needing a bigger size, it was easy and cheap and the service was exellent. When i first bought my noogleberry it took about 4 days to get to me and it was packed very well.
There customer service is exellent and this is one company that deserves a 10/10 in my book. Great product, great price, great service.

Hugs Cheryl xxxx

noogleberry, they cancel orders but take your money

Went on to buy the noogleberry breastsystem Ė payed through Paypal, like I have done numerous times before on other sites.
But no this time I was rejected, or should I say they cancelled my order, but didnít forget to claim and take my money, so right now Iím waiting for my dispute on paypal to reach a certain date, then it will be a claim.

I have to say they might have a good product, but their customer service and moral sucks.

I wrote instantly to them, when I saw that my order was cancelled on their site, never got an answer from them, not until I filed a dispute on Paypal, then they wrote back to me Ė telling me that my order was cancelled, but I was welcome to order with them again.
I donít think Iíll do that not until I get my money back from them Ė from my first order.

Thatís my experience with Noogleberry so far.

Woah...I'm sorry to hear that, Jessie. Did you talk to Lucy directly at That sound very out of character for her!

  I have been using the NB for about 6 months with NO problems.
 Each time I ordered from them I had a reply within 1 day.
  I started out with a 38" chest back in june 2010,
 Now up to 45" across the fullest part. Havent pumped for a few days
 and haven't lost any growth.
  The system WORKS !!!  It will take time and LOTS of it, but growth will
 come with constant usage.
 Stay safe, and have fun.
  The boobie fairy is comming around to see you soon !!!!!!!! Wink  Wink
                        Jamie2  Smile


that1spazticchik wrote:
Woah...I'm sorry to hear that, Jessie. Did you talk to Lucy directly at That sound very out of character for her!

Hi spaz
I didn't know her email adress, could only reach them on
And they first replyed when I placed a dispute on paypal.

Maybe I should try that mail adress.

Hey Jessie,

Please do emil Lucy. I never have had any problems and only think good things about Noogleberry.   Hugs  Mama J Razz  Razz  Razz

You're welcome, I hope it works out! I've emailed her at the address I gave you a few times and each time she's responded within a timely manner. Good luck, I'd hate for you to miss out on this fantastic system!

Hey Jesse. I would agree with the others. I have ordered from them twice and had excellent customer service from lucy. I f you mail her, maybe she can shed some light on what happened. I have ordered in the past and had the shipment come in light due to back ordered parts that I ordered. But, they always gave a dateline and managed to stick to it on delivery of the back ordered parts.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

im using the NB but i havent had much change, but i guess i am a slow responder. I think it may work better for those who have an A cup or more ( im very very tiny. almost completly flat. ) and also those who have lost weight and had larger boobs, or had larger boobs through pregnancy.

It is frustrating for me as its a lot of time commitment, and sitting on my bum for hours ! im considering therefore to get the brava. i think i couldnt sleep in the NB. It also caused me skin irritations, and red dots to start with, but now my body seems to have goten used to it and it is a lot easier to use. It also irritated my nipples, however i was advised to use a nipple stopper to stop the pressure on the nipples, and this really works.

im going to continue with it for now, im still hoping for some swelling!

Lucy was very good and always replied right away and answered any questions I had, and was very friendly and it just made buying the NB a lot easier.

Hi rupert,

Sounds like you've been using too much suction, if you are getting red dots. They are capillaries that are being ruptured due to excessive suction. Also nipples have been irritated through excessive stretching.

Do you use a moisturiser?, or a Boobie Batter?

It's not advisable to sleep with a NB. Negative suction can adversely interrupt correct blood flow through the tissue, if used for extended periods. That's why there is better results from the pump & release.

You pump & hold for approx 3-4 minutes then release for 2-3 minutes then pump & hold for 3-4 minutes. Repeat as long as you like. Stimulates good blood flow.

Be safe, well and happy.
Lotsa huggs

Rupert. The noogleberry site has a forum and there was a thread for new users of the NB. I would recommend looking through their forum for info on using the NB.

Cheryl, you say that you went through 3 different sizes of NB domes.
Which ones were they? How did you change them as you process went on?

I am asking this question because i am using XL domes and they fit on my chest perfectly (the width),
But when under pressure, my breasts only fill half of them (in length). Is that ok?
I can't go to a smaller size because I feel it would not fully go around my breasts.

Please put in your 2 cents on this topic.
Thank you!! Smile
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